02 May, 2011

Some Royal Thoughts

"The Royal Wedding" was kinda hard to escape, no? Even living on an island.

Some things that struck me:

1.) Apparently the British tabloids called this woman "Waitey Katiey", because she waited "so long" for William to marry her. Um, yes, she did wait. And now she is a fucking princess/Dutchess/gets to be called Your Royal Highness/cannot by law work anymore for the rest of her life. I don't think she's allowed to cook or drive anymore, either. SHUCKS. Doesn't waiting just suck? Moral of the story: Waitey Katiey wins, Name Callers lose. Didn't we all learn this lesson in the 1st grade?

2.) I just love how "The Royal Wedding" took over the media, but just when you thought you couldn't hit the refresh button one more time w/o going bonkers waiting to find out where in the hell this damn Royal Honeymoon will be taking place, BAM! The 'ol U.S.of A. steps in and reminds us all who really runs the show by announcing bin Laden has been killed. Well well well, England. Hasn't this just been a swell weekend for all of us (really mostly "us" the US of A "us", though)? Sooowwry. Better luck trying to steal the spotlight next wedding!

3.) "Apparently" W & K wanted "everyone" to be able to celebrate with them (riiiight) and hoped that their wedding "will lift the spirits of a downtrodden nation" (puleeease), and one way of demonstrating this "accessibility" was by having her be the first "royal bride to travel to the palace in an automobile" (really? suggesting accessibility? or because the fucking thing is bulletproof??!) in like 40 years (seriously...?). WOW. How modern and accessible of them! And then they drove another really nice, modern and accessible car (an  Aston Martin) to their super elite reception party, while all the little people "accessed" their joy via their televisions or pathetic little street parties. They're just like us!

4.) Does anyone RSVP "no" to a royal wedding invite? Do they even bother with RSVP's? 


Bex said...

I'll bet they're thinking "Stupid US. First the Revolution, now taking out World Enemy #1 on the wedding day. They never let us win!" :)

Breck said...
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