30 April, 2011

Weekly Graditude.

 It's Saturday night and I find myself with the night off of work and indulging in some Medallas...what better time to reflect on the week? Starting this should be easy because...

#1. Thank you, Cervecera India for brewing Medalla so deliciously and then putting it on sale for $11.98 this week at Econo (for a 24 pk of 7 oz. bottles). You are kinda making my week right now. 

2. Thank you to demonoid.me and all of those nerdo people who know how to use torrents, and the HWY for showing me how to use them. I've been on a music spree this week, and should particularity thank the kind lady or gentleman who put every album from Pitchfork's top 200 of the 2000's in one file. You are my friend and a genius.

3. Bex for showing me that "Hello" song. Ummmm it's *kinda* catchy....

4. for Wednesday night because it was fun and hilarious.

5.  Haircuts: I have bangs now. Bangs are nice because they suggest that you actually have a "hairstyle". 

6. Puerto Rico for not really giving a rats ass about the Royal Wedding. Yay!

7. My brother for drunkenly calling me, giving me his credit card info, and insisting we buy a ticket for my mom to come visit me as a Mother's Day gift. MY MOMMA IS COMING TO VISIT MEEEEEEE!!! (Pay ya later, bro....! Much later. )

8. Cold feet for making me realize I am SO gonna miss Puerto Rico!!!!! Now it's starting to feel real, and I am not so excited to be leaving, but going to do it anyway of course :(   I'm leaving June 1st :( :( :(  I am trying to cram as much awesomeness into this last MONTH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh one monthhhhhhhhh :( :( :( I'm sad. I need another Medalla. Goodnight.

Even after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe me."
Look what happens with
A love like that.
It lights the whole sky.
- Hafiz of Persia


Bex said...

You're welcome. I love the shit out of that song. :)

I wonder if you can order Medallas off the 'ol interwebs. Even in the middle of the winter, you could then still have a little PR to keep you happy...

pseudoboricua said...

i have not found a site yet that does :( Yes, i've looked. it's gonna have to be a black market ops to get medallas come june :(

Bex said...

ha! We'll find a way. PV will know a way. Maybe you can just have KA mail them to you?? :)

Also, I too have bangs!!!

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