25 March, 2011

A Legit Questions

Why is it that in every movie or T.V. show, during the school week,  the teenage characters in the show are always , like, AWAKE and having breakfast at the table with their parents??? Seriously! What's up with that? What teenage kid wakes up early enough 1.) to EAT breakfast, period. 2.) sit DOWN at the table, with like other people, and eat breakfast. 3.) Converse with those people. 4.) Without ever drinking a cup of coffee.

It makes no sense. Every person I knew in high school was chowing Pop Tarts in first period, which is why Can't Hardly Wait the most realistic teenage high-jinx movie ever made.

Just sayin'.


Bex said...

And not only that, but they also "eat" 1/2 a bite, and then the bus comes, and they have no breakfast. Um, why not just hand your kids the aforementioned Pop Tarts, and shuffle them out the door, instead of wasting the cereal and milk/pancakes/waffles that you're feeding them??

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