28 February, 2011

The Blue Whale Dies.

The Blue Whale is dead! I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO WRITE ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! Wow. So, it's a funny story...

The Blue Whale has been under some major repairs and renovations for the past...9 months or so. But really more so in the past 2 months, because that's when I've had some money to make said repairs. The Highway and his buddy Fly decided they are capable men who were willing to undertake such a projects as trying to fix a 30 year old STATION WAGON. We are talking an old, old station wagon. The kind that weighs about 8 tons and is made entirely of steel.

In all honestly, The Blue Whale has technically been road ready for the 9 months --  meaning that I *could have* started it up and I *could have* driven it somewhere if need be. But it was just easier to drive The Highways car, as it is not 8 tons and doesn't take about 10 gallons of gas to drive a mile to the grocery store.

Some issues the Blue Whale had:
  • In need of a new muffler
  • some alleged collaborator problems
  • could have used some new break pads
This last little gem is a little something we found out the hard way. Or, should I say The Highway found out the hard way. In this case, the "hard way" was rolling backwards in a 8 ton steel death trap car down a hill with a giant cliff at the bottom... The good news is that it turns out The Highway's time spent in the Army was good for one thing: it taught him the importance of the "tuck and roll" method of escape, which is what he needed to do as he was in the driver's seat of a car that was heading backwards off a cliff.

A vid of the tow-out:

* yes, I know the vid isn't working right now. No, I do not know how to fix it...

A pic to tide you over:

One of the greatest things about this car is I bet I could put the keys in the ignition and it would start right back up... INDESTRUCTIBLE, this thing! Also, please note the fence it torn down on it's way over.


Bex said...


Also, I want that house in the background. But, maybe I'll put up a bigger fence to block the cars of the neighbors from rolling into it. ha.

PS - I miss Rincon now. :(

Anonymous said...

Jess, this is extremely hilarious to me. Really, I need to send you the pics of the wagon from HS so you can frame them together. A match made in Heaven. BTW- it is quite obvious you didn't spend much time with your Dad in the garage. I don't think your car has a collaborator, though it may have a carburetor!
Enjoy the weather- I promise you will miss it more than you know.

pseudoboricua said...

HAHAHAHAaaaa! ohhh my...carburetor, collaborator...axle and pins, rack and pinion (another car reference mistake i have made in the past...)


And trust me -- i miss the weather already!!!!

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