02 September, 2010

The Story of the Hurricane

Yes, I survived Earl. So it begins. Hurricane season is upon the island. I waited in a line 10 cars deep to get gas on Monday. It's always the same story --- a hurricane is passing, people go buy out the canned goods, water, and rum at the grocery store. And the gas. Two of the three gas stations in Rincon were out of gas by Monday afternoon. People go into panic mode. Really, it was only an INSANE night of wind and rain, that night/next day no electricity or water...the usual. Hurricane days in PR are kinda like snow days in the states. Everyone is watching the weather/TV/email for school closing announcements and what not, and once it's confirmed you are off the hook, you feel like you don't really "have to" do anything. YOu watch TV, movies; drink tea/rum...etc etc. I actually didn't even mind not being out of electricity for the day, because always the worst part is NOT HAVING FANS/AC when it goes out. You practically die of heat. But, since it was so windy this time, it felt nice sleeping because it was a cool breeze coming in. In the morning, I told The Highway "THIS is what fall weather feels like!" It really felt like FALL, which i haven't had in like 3 (4?) years now. It was nice and windy and a cloudy overcast day. There was just the CRISP breeze, I dunno...it was nice. PLUS, since everyone was locked up inside, we went into town and ran errands w/out waiting in any lines! Yay!
So, now we are back to real life -- for the moment. There is some hurricane behind Fiona that everyone is worried -- really worried --- about, because it's coming our way. Usually, the the projected path of the hurricane goes around the island.
Myself, I entertained myself during the hurricane with catching up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I just started watching it a month ago, and I couldn't stop. I have never watched a reality show with someone on it that has given me the creepy crawlies and all around bad vibe so much, but Danielle from Real Housewives really pushes the boundaries of delusional and really just self absorbed evilness. She is like a hurricane. I have known people like her, who are all about "no drama" and "happiness within" and "new beginnings" and "karma" --- i call BULLSHIT on everyone who thinks just because they say things like that out loud it is true. You don't achieve any of those things by announcing it. You just fucking live it. You don't have to say a word. It's like the old punk rock saying "People who are punk rock know better than to label themselves as "punk rock" -- as the whole movement behind that lifestyle is to shun the ideologies and thus labels (such as "punk rock") society encourages. *sigh* Anyway, Real Housewives of NJ is my new guilty pleasure, but I won't bore you anymore with venting about it, as i think most of you who read this blog do not watch Real Housewives. If you do, let me know --- cause I got PLENTY to say, but no one to talk with about it :)


Bex said...

Um, and KITTENS.

Jennifer said...

I miss fall too! Leaves changing, cooler temperatures, I think it is getting hotter here actually!

Bex said...

Jenn, you nerd. You ARE on the other side of the world. Things are a little opposite. ha. I'll be sure to send both of you pics of changing leaves. And a scarf. :D