16 June, 2009

It's Been A Good 8 Years

This past weekend was The Highway's/The Maybe's graduation, and because I adore retardedly long ceremonies in foreign languages, I attended as the event photographer. Here are some faves:

Shoulda been a photo journalist, if i say so myself:

The good news? If anyone is planning a trip down for MY graduation next May, I will have you know the Master's students walk before anyone else :) Which means I can get the diploma, and then we bounce immediately to get the party started. Not that I'm planning a party for my graduation already....ahhhhh yes i am.

What else? WELL, last month i got into my first Puerto Rican car accident. I will let it be known that the only car accidents I have ever gotten into have been because of my own stupidity, and have never involved another car. Well, what better time to get into your first multiple car accident than when you are living in a *basically* a foreign land, and have only just got your car 3 weeks ago? BLAH. I very lightly bumped the car in front of me, and I had to go fill out a novel of paperwork at some insurance place yesterday, and now I can only wait and see what will happen...keep your fingers crossed.

1 comment:

Bex said...

blonder hair = better.

Also, thanks for getting in a wreck with your own car, rather than that lil rental a few months back... :)

ALSO, I'm SO THERE next May. Especially if said graduation includes a trip to my favorite bar in PR!!!