04 May, 2009

Think I'll Slip on Down to the Oasis

I've gotten a new hobby, by the way....Snorkling!!!! I've always been a water person, but this has really been fantastic. It's insane how close you can come to fish and living organisms, and even crazier how close you can get to living things and not even realize it.

For example, this past Friday I went snorkling in Buye, and i FUCKING SAW A STRING RAY!!!! Just chilling at the bottom, like 5 feet away from me. I also touched a starfish, and held a sea cucumber, which is this really weird thing that like pees water or something when you touch it. It was really weird. I'm not sure of the logistics of it to be honest. But, it was a great day that involved snorkling, BBQing lunch and dinner on the beach, and hanging with good people.

So, I've been terrible about updating. We can chat about that for a while. I have no excuse for my laziness, aside from a pseudo-relationship, and a pseudo academic career at this point....eeeks. Puerto Rico: La Isla del Psuedo-things, apparently....

Anyway. The past....4 months or so have been extremely, extremely new and different for me. New people, new things...new everything, it seems like. It started with a party (Chellber visiting), and it kind of never stopped. Oh well :) I'm entering the home stretch of the semester, which always brings mixed emotions. OH! and my FUCKING CAR GOT A FLAT TIRE LAST NIGHT. I can't tell you how horrible it feels to depend completely on other people to help you, because you are too incompetent to carry a spare tire, or even if you had one, know how to change the bitch. It was one of the worst feelings ever, quite frankly, and though I am grateful I had people who were willing to help me, I really don't want to feel like that ever again.

YES, I have a car now :D :D :D So you know....visitors welcome. ALSO, i'm moving to a new apartment in June that will have an EXTRA BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come one, come all!


Bex said...

Whoa...extra bedroom???? So, when I come visit again, we won't have to spoon the night away in 1,000,000,000 degree heat?????? I don't know if I can handle that... :)

Zaira said...

Jessica Jessica I am so ashamed of you; you dont know how to change a tire. I must admit I taught myself how to do it a few months ago but it was so fulfilling. The hardest part was removing the screws. I had to jump on the metal tool I was using in order to get them loose but I MADE IT! The funniest part was that on the next day I noticed that my shoulder hurt and as I looked at them in the mirror I saw I had gotten sun burnt from changing a tire. I think that implies my timing was not the best and I I still need to work on my tire changing skills.