31 January, 2009

Pour Me Something Tall and Strong.

I almost just went downstairs now to get a Coca Cola - AKA sweet nectar of the Hangover Gods -- and, because the elevator wasn't working, I aborted mission. Stairs and any another attempts of mobility are off limits this morning -- wait --- afternoon. Excuse me. *sigh*

What was supposed to be a quiet Friday "night in" per my usual Movie and New Pizza Creation Friday routine, turned terribly wrong last night, but in quite a few awesome ways. I definitely woke up still drunk, thoughts not entirely in tact, and still in my clothes-- that may have been because I had no water yesterday, but then again I don't think I had the motivation to actually check for water when I got home at 7a.m. :( Eeks.

I played about 8 million games of dominos, had somewhere between 10 and 100 beers, and probably uttered about a gazillion drunken words. Double Eeks. :(

I am such an idiot on so many levels I can't even stand it. If I tell myself I'm going to do one thing, it guarantees I will go and do the opposite. Example: "I will not get drunk tonight"/ "I will not love someone who is completely and totally unavailable"/ "I will not kiss people I am not supposed to love and who are completely and totally unavailable". Check, check, and check. ARGH. I am a failure at life and at love (Well, okay, maybe not life -- i'm actually kinda awesome at it. )

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