23 January, 2009

Oh dear.

Chellber has been visiting me for like 8 days now, and I am in the impossible vacation/not on vacation limbo. Technically, I am not on vacation...but that is not reflected in my lifestyle of the past week. We didn't go out 1 night (Tuesday), and it was only because Monday night was a rager for the books that ultimately ended with me shoeless. True story. There are about a trillion pictures for Monday/night, and we look like bums in all of them. Seriously though, we look like homeless people. The ones who circulate the bar scene bumming cigs from everyone. It's a tad concerning.

I also am working on making a love connection with one of the bartenders, which has made going out every single day/evening/night slightly easier and more gratifying. And, I had a student profess his love to me on Wednesday night, which consequently has inflated my ego to such heights that I believe it will render me rejection proof for quite some time. At least a couple days.

On Saturday we met a new friend, Daniel, outside the bar. After approximently 3 minutes of talking to him on the sidewalk, he invited us to go to an after bar with him. Sure thing, stranger! I call shotgun!!!

Daniel was quite the gentleman and bought us drinks and tried to teach the old gringas some dance moves. An exact quote from him: "You're 26? Oh, I thought you were older." Um, Daniel son...never say that to a woman. Under any circumstances. She could tell you she was born in the same year as man discovered space, and you should still guess at the maximum that she's 23. Though, he may be wiser than his young years and questionable judgement of age suggest, as when he dropped us off at home he found it important to remind us of the age old rule that, hey, maybe it's not so smart for us to be meeting random men at bars and letting them drive us to unknown locations for a drink. As it went:

me/bek: thanks for the ride! you are soooo much fun!!! you are like, the BEST!!! no, really, i love you, man!
daniel: good to meet you guys! let me get your numbers! ...wait, what are your names...?
me: jessica
bek: bekah
daniel: "bekah? is that a name?"
bek: only from the Bible
daniel: right. Well, i have to tell you guys something: what you did tonight, with me, you should never do again.
me/bek: *blink blink*
daniel: you know, like getting into a car with a strange guy...you shouldn't do that.
me/bek: right, right. but we LOVE youuuuu...! You are our frienddddd!

And so on.

We still have 2 more nights left, so...expect greatness.

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Rebekah said...

Greatness was achieved.
Culminating in a stay at the Villa Verde Hotel in the seedy part (which PART is that?!) of San Juan.