14 January, 2009

Let the Games Begin.

Today, as I was walking from the grocery store at 7 at night and sweating my ass off, I couldn’t believe that, only 2 days ago, I was so freezing freaking cold that I refused to leave the warmth of my bed covers for most of the day and always wore 2 pairs of socks.

A variety of events took place in my 10 day extended to 19 day rendezvous with the Midwest, also known as hell frozen over -- most of the super, and a percentage of them not so super.

Here are some things I enjoyed:

- drinking dark beer
- paying for all my drinks at the bar with free drink chips i'd collected over the summer
- taking a hot shower and actually having it feel hot
- electric blankets
- waking up under warm blankets
- MIAMI w/ Jay and Lei!!!!!!!

And things I could live without:

- going into cardiac arrest everytime i step outside into the cold
- icy roads
- slipping on icy roads and going into the ditch
- slipping on icy roads and falling on beer cans that were in your pocket

I also decided that someone in my family needs to put the kibosh on the insanity of Christmas dinner. I think my mom and I spent 3 entire days baking, cooking, mincing, browning, and marinating, and in total on Christmas day it took 45 minutes for people to eat. Um, that just isn’t cool. I need a little more gratification than that, I thank you.

I leave you with some pictures:


Leg Guitar


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