08 August, 2008

Let Me Clear My Throat...

I don't know what is the dil with me and song titles lately, but whatevs.

After weeks of debate, I decided to go out tonight....AND I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!!!!!! I was hesitating, because it was a pretty rough summer in terms of (lack of) production, and primarily in terms of boozing (far too much of it). But, I pulled it together and made my Fall 2008 public debut and it couldn't have been better :) :) :) Chabley, Kari, Zaira, Mason, and Francis....all my fave PRicans!!!!

I have changed my thesis topic, and though it isn't official yet (i haven't notified my committee), it has had me in quite the tizzy. I will be presenting on Dandyism in San Juan in November, but my main focus has shifted. I will announce when appropriate. Basically, this is why i love academics: you can research and study many things at the same time! Brilliant!

Ruby is the name of my cat, btw. Phil was a good suggestion, Bekah, but it's a girl cat, so...I considered "Philly", but it just didn't feel right.

So ends my (2 week...) social slump, I hope!

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