06 August, 2008


Well, school starts tomorrow, which means school AND teaching start tomorrow. Who’s not motivated, ready, or again, motivated on any level? Table for 1, please. Smoking section would be great. And please bring a bottle of your house red to the table immediately, por favor*.

I have taken the first step in becoming a crazy cat lady. That is to say, I have adopted a cat. In the words of my dear friend here in Puerto Rico: “Why don’t you just get a boyfriend?” Noted, Dear Friend, and I did consider that option. But you see, Dear Friend, in the end I realized that boyfriends talk, and cats do not. And so for the time being, I chose the cat.

Was this a decision I thought over intensely, weighing the pros and cons? No it was not. I guess I’ve never been much of a “think things through” person. Do I really think I am capable of keeping a living thing actually alive for an extended period of time, theoretically for several years? It’s up in the air. But, I will do my best!

The cat is yet unnamed, and I have debated just calling it “Cat”, a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in a purely mental effort of denying any real possession or feelings towards it….but mainly to make getting a cat seem less pathetic and more chic.

The second thing Dear Friend said to me was, “you are the only person I know of in Puerto Rico who has actually adopted a cat.”
Also a keen observation, Dear Friend. Some days I feel the stray dog and cat population in Puerto Rico out weights the people population. Animals run amok here in Mayaguez. Cats, dogs, roosters, sometimes horses… (that’s a whole different story…). So, I do feel a little better about doing what I can to clean up the streets of all those pesky strays.

So, basically that is what is happening in my spellbinding and gripping life as of late. UM, ALSO, MY SISTER GOT MARRIED. Yeah, it actually happened. You may recall my vodka driven blog about it in December-ish. It was…a charming disappointing and gorgeous stressful event debacle that brought a tear to my eye no it didn't. FUCK WEDDINGS JUST HAVE A RECEPTION. Will people never learn this? The reception is the good part (provided an open bar is present, naturally); everything else about a wedding is an uncomfortable yawn fest for the audience and a stressful money sucker for the groom/bride. In my humble opinion… :)

A friend showed me this little gem today, and instead of dipping into my "rainy day" fund in search of the $4,350,000 needed to make the purchase, I instead watched this and it made me feel a tinge better. I cannot have Julia Child's home, but I can have her baguette recipe. Fair enough.

*Side note: you have been reading this and haven’t caught on by now let me share a little teacher “trade secret”, if you will : Teachers are alcoholics. I don’t want to say “all” of them are…but I will say I don’t personally know any who are not…

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Rebekah said...

Name it Phil. As in, Philanthropy (yes, yes, philanthropy typcially is about HUMAN welfare, but taking a mangy cat of the streets is charity to humans--one less disease carrier out there...). You are doing a good deed, crazy cat lady.