09 June, 2008

Livin’ la vida without the loca.

So, I’ve been back in WI for almost a month now, and even though i'm not in PR shit is most def still crazy.

There comes a time in my life, usually every 3-4 months and following an alcohol bender, where something goes off in my head that makes me say to myself, “Self, just what in the name of God are you trying to do to yourself? Why all this self-destruction, Self?” Normally I do not take the time to answer these questions, and thus the cycle will start all over again for another couple months, until I wake up hungover and lying on a strange couch with a towel wrapped around me and my clothes at the bottom of a hot tub. (Or something alone those lines.). I can continue this cycle, or I can not. And this time I choose not.


Okay, okay. Let's be realistic. The cycle will continue, but I'm at least brining it down a couple notches.

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