30 May, 2008

Assy, not Classy.*

Below is a montage of photos that summarize major events that have happened in the last 10 days which marked my return:

The location: The Rendezvous (more commonly known as "The Vous"), downtown Grantsburg, Wisconsin, U.S.ofA.

I am re-evaluating the monetary benefits of being a bartender in rural Wisconsin. Basically, there are none. Getting sexually harassed by old men with dental problems for 8 hours is not really worth the $34 in tips. Therefore, I am seeking alternative/supplementary summer employment.

*title taken from previous photo montage courtesy of Rebekah M. C. P.


Bex said...

Ummmmm...however many years later, I'm looking at this post going "wait. Why are all these pictures of me? AND WHY ARE THEY ALL SHITTY??!!!!??"

Good thing I stopped drinking Sparks...

pseudoboricua said...

what?!?! these are great pics of u! plus you have the micro bangs!!!