29 January, 2008

"What happened?"

Ohhh life. Why do you sneak up on me so?

This first week back to school has been…exhausting. I actually turned away a chance to go to La Cava (the wine bar), because I was too tired. Um, if you know me, this is something that hasn’t happened since…ah yes, the beginning of my existence. I don’t “turn down” social outings. Particularly not those that involve the hooch. It was a sad day, but it had to come some time (I guess). I will say I had nearly forgotten how nice it is to go to bed actually and truly tired. Like, you’re body is actually tired, physically and mentally. You aren’t going to bed just because you are bored with being awake (or you passed out). It’s a bit of an accomplishment in and of itself, to tell you the truth.

On a side note, I don’t wanna say customer service people are the most evil of all creatures on the face of this planet, but…they are the most evil of all creatures on the face of this planet. It’s basically a fact in my book from this day forward. Then again, if US Bank would stop fucking my shit up every other month, there would be no reason for me to call --- first calm and composed, and then after the inevitable 4th transfer to another department, f*cking irate and ready to go Sean Penn on someone. ARGH. So not helpful, these people. I would like to make a film about the state of supposed "customer service" and title it Problem: Not Solved. The sequel can be New Problem: Let me Transfer you to that Department. Um, how about you are in MY department now, friend. The department of “get things done”. Welcome. Let us work together, por favor. It will make the whole process less painful, this I assure you.


Jaybo and Laybo have been on the DL lately, but a rendevous is in the works. Do not fear. Team Gringos will reunite, and continue to give you hours of *drunken* misadventures to read about.

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