23 January, 2008

Home on the Range (literally).

Well, Minnesota and Wisconsin, anyway. It’s range-ish. 10 days with the fam and friends (which are the pseudo-fam anway). Huffster picked me up at the airport and we went directly to Bekah’s 3rd Annual B-day Bender. I’ve never had the stamina/interest to organize any other annual events in my lifetime, so this accomplishment makes me feel especially good. Plus, every year the party seems to get better and better!!! The first year I fell asleep to Sex Appeal Neal snoring in the corner, last year I shared my bed with Damon and Tiff, and this year I drifted off to sleep listing to some show about dingoes who chase and kill childen. By the way, “dingo” is basically the best word in the English lexicon, and I plan on using it a lot, I think as a reference to stupid people. Like instead of calling them ‘idiot’ I will call them a ‘dingo’. I’ll test it out this week and see how it goes over.

Are there pictures? Yes, yes indeed. Patience, grasshopper. These things takes some time to surface, but in the end are very much worth the wait.
*OKAY, here are some to tide you over until I get my hands on/have time to post more.*
a dollar to anyone who can guess what's in my hand.
it is the dead of winter, and this dude still has his biker's tan!!!
Adorable x 3.


Ang said...

Shoot me your "Spring break" dates again... I want to look into vuelos mi amor!!! :)

Andy said...

Jess. It was great to meet you. Here are some indi rock bands you might give a listen.

Data Rock "The New Song"
Ima Robot "Black Jettas"
LCD Sound System "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"
Beck (gameboy variations albumn)
Spoon "I Turned My Camera On"

Lemme know what ya think and I'll give yeah s'more

Rebekah said...


Also, I have the greatest birthday parties ever. I'm freaking awesome. You konw, with the help of my awesome friends.

Jbird said...

correct, but you are disqualified from winning the dollar because 1.)you were there and 2.) you are from WI, so OBV you know a piece of string cheese when you see one.