22 September, 2010

Thesis:1 Me: 0

As of tonight, I'm officially starting up work at El Baro again. Is this a great idea? Perhaps not. But B Dang has been so slow this week that they are cutting shifts like crazy. However, my bills do not vanish just because it is the "slow season" here in Rincon and thus an immediately need for another opportunity in which to peddle my time for rent money has arisen.

The real question is: will this additional job help or hinder my strict thesis writing process? I am hoping help, and as currently i do not current abide by a "process" much less a strict one anyway, I have nothing to lose at this point. I am also thinking a reason to get dressed and make myself presentable to the public eye won't be a bad thing either. I haven't wore my contacts in so long that when i put them in today, i had a Gollum moment --- "it burnsssss, it burnssss us!" Getting dressed just makes you feel a little better about yourself, like you have an important purpose in life (even if you don't), and a smidge more motivated to go forth and conquer.

My thesis progress, as is:

Chapter 1: draft done! *yay*
Chapter 2: 15 of 30-40 pages
Chapter 3: 3 of  30-40 pages
Chapter 4: 0 of 30-40 pages
Chapter 5: 0 of 30-40 pages


Jennifer said...

Lauer, I have faith in you. It is a new year, fresh start. Stop thinking about all that you haven't done and what you have, baby steps.

Sending love from far away from Miss Jennifer :-)

Bex said...

haha! The Gollum moment got me. I was imagining you hunkering down in a ball, pressing your palms to your eyes and yelling. ha. (of course, I'm imagining this scene in your old apt in Mayaguez, because that's the only point of reference I have...)

You'll do fine. Having something to do elsewhere in life is always a good motivator. It seems like, when you have something to do, it gets the rest of your mind working, and that kind of propels you into the next item on your list. Go get 'em tiger! :)

Bex said...

OH! And remember - just WRITE it out for now in your rough draft. I always find that, when I write a rough draft, going back in and editing it later DOES take pages away (because of the stream-of-consciousness drivel that I write), but it also usually adds even more back in later! And, I like to put the "view" in Word to "draft" or "Web Layout" (Word2007) so that I can't see how many pages I'm writing, or how far until I've finished the page. Makes it easier to just WRITE...

ampm said...

You can do it. Just think like Thomas the Tank Engine (I know you had to watch that show with the youngsters too) -- I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!

xo, baby!