08 June, 2009

Stress kills.

...which is why i try to elimiated it from my life as much as possible. Today I woke up at about 9.30AM, and after a tomato and chive mini omelet, I went up to my NEW TERRACE to sunbathe. As I lay there, reading and absorbing the heat of a Puerto Rican summer sun, I realized, "Hey. Why do I even have a bathing suit on?" And then discarded my top and bottoms. There are large plants surrounding the edge of the terrance, making it completely off visable limits to any peeping toms. Goodbye, tan lines! Hello new morning ritual. The greatest part of it all perhaps was that there is a little shower in the corner of the terrace, so when i get hot, I just jump up and cool off. Actually, the greatest part is that that SHOWER HEAD IS A SEASHELL!!!!! (Will get a picture of that soon.) People are always complaining about summers in Puerto Rico, but so far in my experience, it has been fucking excellent!

So, how did I end up with a private terrace, you ask? Well, I was supposed to move into a new plan, but the girls actually never moved out. I had already given up my lease in my apartment, so I desperately saught a new somewhere to live for the next couple of months while I figure things out. A friend of mine said she knew a lady who was in the states for the summer, and would rent me out her 3 BEDROOM HOUSE IN RINCON. Uhhhhh.....Yes, please!!!!! To make matters even more awesome, I got a job at the coolest coffee house in Rincon, Banana Dang (www.bananadang.com). SO, not only am I living in the sweetest place ever, I also got a job for the summer!!!!!!!!!! Woo+ woo+!!!!!

I hope you know what this means. If you are reading this blog, I would like to officially invite you for a FREE STAY in Rincon, Puerto Rico during the months of June and July in one of my 2 spare bedrooms (3 spare beds -- one room has 2 twins:) Come one, come all!!!!!! We can go nude sunbathing on the terrace during the day, and BBQ by night. That is, before we go out for $1 beers. And we can go to the beach, too. It's like 1/4 mile away (I rode bike there yesterday). We can go snorkeling!!! I've been HUGE on snorkeling lately....saw a mothingf*cking STING RAY, as I mentioned a few posts ago. Anyhoo, if any or all of these things might be of interest to you, I suggest a brief stop at Orbtiz.com, airport destination SJU (San Juan). Go now, grasshopper!

What else, what else...lots of beach and downtime the past 2 weeks, as I unemployeed and what not. Back in the game now! I am growing a basil plant, and made a tomato basil pizza tonight, using it's leaving for the first time! It's basically wildly delicious, and I'm somewhat sad I can't eat it all myself. I *could*, but....that would be rude. And, I would lose out on an opportunity to make a culinary pass at a certain someone. It's my best and most effective flirting method thus far.

Uh, that's about all. I'm going for another slice. Will put up some pictures of your potential room and vacation home, if you take the opportunity to utilize my luck this summer :) Also of the nude sunbathing terrace.

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Bex said...

What does that have to do with coffee??? :)

Is that why you made me pizza when I was there? You were making a culenary pass at me?? I should have known...jeje