09 March, 2009

Spontaneous Sundays

Last evening, Z popped by to drop off some things, and mentioned that it would be nice to get a 6-pack and watch the sunset. Uh, Okay! Let's do it!

We are off.

We stop at a gas station to buy the goods, and there is the huge handicap parking section i've ever seen in my life. SEriously, there were like 6 parking spots reserved for handicap. WHEN THE FUCK ARE THERE EVER 6 HANDICAP DRIVERS AT A GAS STATION AT ANY GIVEN TIME???? Frightening. Also, there were no visable "non-handicap" parking anywhere, so we just parked in a handicap spot anyway.

So, we purchase out beverage of choice (Medalla, naturally) and proceed to the beach. We see a "Do Not Enter" sign next to a private driveway. We enter. There were some little steps going down to a perfect little spot for us to inhabit for a while until the sun went down. Again, moments that make me think "hey, maybe this island thing isn't so bad afterall..."

We talked shit until the sun went down, and then met up with JC from some surullos and empanadillas, then went back to their place and watched TV and enjoyed the rest of the night with Medallas and good company.


Zaira said...

See who needs plans when there is good attitude and warm weather outside?. I believe you forgot to mention that the real reason we stopped at the gas station was to get gas but somehow forgot and had to do the line yet again, talk about priorities. Also, you forgot that delicious pizza you made (yummy!).

Jbird said...

HAHA! so true! "Where am i supposed to park??"

Uh, at the gas pump...