03 March, 2009

I Can't Stop Doing Things I Love (literally, no pun intended ;).

Ahhh…Puerto Rico. These past few weeks have made me never want to leave, and here’s why:

Because I start thinking: How many Monday nights will I be able to walk down the block for a couple quick mid-thesis writing beers at 10pm, spend less than $5 but still end up reasonably drunk, and enjoy every sip outside with the Caribbean breeze on my face? How many Wednesday’s will I be able to go to a bar that has a happy hour where beer is 75 cents, end the night at a strip club (they had plastic chairs), and STILL wake up in time for my 11AM meeting? How many Friday’s will I be able to drunkenly dance to early 90’s hip hop and rap before briefly passing out on the beach laying on the person you have a gigantic crush on? How many times will I be able to go to class, or teach, sunburned and with sand and salt water still clinging to me?

All these things and more make me enjoy my life here.

Let me recap the past…month or so. So, randomly one day I am checking my mail, and this girl in my building is holding the elevator, but I tell her to not bother. She looks like a gringa, but sometimes it’s hard to say. 3 hours LATER, I am at Sand’s for 75 cent beer Wednesdays, and THERE SHE IS! Talking to Francis, Chabs, and Mason! She is from Boston! She has lived underneath me in the same apartment building for 4 YEARS! And just NOW I am meeting her! A new friend! Ohhh how I think my luck couldn’t get any better!

And then it does! I find out she is a friend of one of my friends, aka The Maybe. How fantastically perfect! And so now, I have a new neighbor, a new friend, and a new person to reminisce about how awesome fall weather is and how much we miss it. In other words, the past month has been, overall, fucking AMAZING. So. Much. Fun. Despite a few road bumps (see previous entries), this semester has proven to be legendary. And speaking of road bumps – I’m so over them. You can’t make yourself stop liking someone, and I don’t plan on it. I will enjoy things while I have them and I can. I guess it all boils down to that cheesy ass, vomit inducing phrase: “it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”. I used to like to think I disagreed completely with that, but clearly I don’t. I’m too much of a lover and liver to stop myself from doing either.

ALSO – I am getting a CAR! A light blue station wagon to be exact!!! My gringo friend is selling it to me and it’s the biggest, most awesome piece of shit car EVER! My first car (and second) was a wagon, and after the humiliation of driving them around during my teenage years, I thought I would never, ever be caught dead with one again. Pssshaw! And then I realized that they’re AWESOME!

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