10 April, 2008


Well, there was a strike at the college yesterday. For what, I'm not exactly sure. But it has something to do with building a road through some sacred farm land the biology dept. uses. Something along those lines. Yes, there is a farm on campus and yes I have often seen chickens running around (mainly by the hill next to the parking lot). Welcome to Puerto Rico.

Anyhoo, Tuesday night seemed the opportune time to go out and get completely sauced, since there was no classes on Wednesday. Jaybo, Leibo and i started at Chapa's w/KA. Then, we went to a new wine bar in Maya, also called La Cava (de....something, but i can't remember). IT WAS AMAZING!! Chabely and Mason showed up around this point. They need more outside seating, that is my one suggestion. But otherwise it was v. nice and KA, Lei, and myself tore through 2 bottles of red and some olives and cheese. um, YUM.

Then somewhere around 3am we went to la biblio (the after bar place) where everyone and their mother had decided to also go and they RAN OUT OF BEER AND ICE! Come on, people! Because of this, we resorted to drinking Gasolina. I REPEAT: I DRANK A GASOLINA! It was utterly disgusting. Ah yes, you don't know what a Gasolina is, let me fill you in on this PRican delicacy: I assume the drink came out a couple years ago, sometime around the song did, in attempt to squeeze every last consumer dollar out of what is essentially this one word. ANYway, it's like in a capri sun juice bag, and it has RUM, TEQUILA, orange juice, pineapple juice, corn syrup and artificial flavors and coloring. I think that's what the ingredients say, i'm pretty sure....the important part is you note the RUM and TEQUILA together thing. WHO DOES THAT?!?!! It's like every thing I drank in High School mixed together and put in a foil bag that I stick a straw through to drink. Like an IV bag. Maybe that's why they have them in the bags -- so they can double for an IV drip when you inevitably end up at the hospital with gut rot or rum, tequila and sugar dehydration. Just a thought.

Well, i arrived home at approx. 5: 30AM, and stayed up until 6 drinking water in an attempt to avoid a mad hangover, and it was relatively successful.

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