07 April, 2008


And i didn't. My legs are paying for it still.

This entire weekend was an amazing blast from the past, thankyoumichaeljacksonanddevo. Thursday night we went to this bar in Maya, and the bartender let me take control of the ipod. Foolish move, my friend. I really don't think he knew how dangerous that was. First of all, I obviously disregarded all the latin/spanish/salsa/reggaeton on it, which is obviously what the masses respond to and wanted to hear. Um, I didn't really give a f*ck (which is why in reality i would probably be a terrible DJ), I wanted to hear something i liked dammit. He had some fantastic mid-late 90s music on there that I assume probably hit PR in the last 5 years (i joke, i joke....) And I realize the that using "fantastic" , "music" and "mid-90s" in the same sentence isn't something you come across often, but trust me. It was good, if be it only in an ironic way, and at this point I can't really ask for much more.

SATURDAY: I catch wind there will be an 80s dance party in Rincon; I am intrigued. We go and it is SErIOUSLY an 80s party --- people were in dresses that i swear to you they must have salvaged from an attic somewhere, along with the dyed pumps to match. It was a grand time, full of dancing dancing and more dancing, with some drinks happening somewhere in between. They ran out of beer at like 1am; ran out of ice about 15 minutes later. Rum shots ensued. Works for me!

Then we went to Nativo's and talked shit until 4ish before going to sleep and dreaming of clouds made of brie that rain Champagne.


Rebekah said...

WHAT??!!? You, the Nazi DJ??? I'm shocked. Speechless, even...


Love ya, girl!

Zaira said...

Mira I wanted to post a comment but ended up sendind an email....anyhoo, its a response to this thread.

PS Yes Im special :D