13 December, 2007

Hey, remember me...?

It has been awhile, no? Well, you will be happy to know that I’m still alive, and so are the people that make my life here an enjoyable and adventurous time.

Last night there was an English party with some grad student nerds, and it was a fantastic time. We played Guitar Hero, watched a SNL Celebrity Jeopardy compilation, and discussed life in general. I have to say, the most fantastic part of the whole night was that the guys didn’t hoard the video games. This has never happened to me before. Normally, they let the girl play once every 15 turns or something, just to keep her happy. But last night, they were very encouraging and we all very systematically took turns. It was a beautiful time to be alive and nice in the world, even thought I failed on “Killer Queen” 3 times in a row.

Leibo, Jaybo and myself discovered a new bar last week and therefore have meet a new bartender friend Luigi, whom I ran into last night when on a cigarette run for the group. I dashed across the street to the bar to buy 2 Marlboro Reds and 1 Benson&Hedges, when who was standing at the bar but our new dear friend Luigi (aka Joey #2)!! 3 sheets to the wind and eager to reinforce our new bar hookup, I invited him back to Gerardo’s apt. to join in the fiesta! Turns out, he is an education major at colegio, which means he is like a blood brother to the English people, and therefore his presence was a smashing success and new bartender connection and friend has been cemented!

In other news, I have been trying to think of new ways to economically support myself, so if anyone has any ideas, please, prey tell. The problem is, I really hate paying bills, and so I try not to think about them, but then when I HAVE to think about them, I’ve squandered all my money on other things (which I won’t list here). The other problem is, well, I live beyond my means and have far too many habits to support (art/craft supplies, wine, experimenting with cooking and baking, extreme socializing, etc etc). All these things cost $$. Why can’t I just get a hobby like…writing??? Free. Completely Free. Maybe that will be my goal for a while. Switch habits and hobbies (except wine and socializing) for a while….living *slightly* less frivolously…

My classes have finished, I’ve finished grading, so hopefully I will tie up any loose ends this week and be DONE and really and seriously on VACATION!!! Last night and today there was like a tropical storm or something, and I’m not kidding you the entire sky looked like evening the whole day! And let’s just say this plus the fact I got home from Gerardo’s at 5 this morning didn’t give me a lot of motivation to get out of bed today. So, basically I didn’t. I guess it was kind of nice, but a little useless. But not entirely because, hey, I’m writing! W00+!

will post pictures when i get them on my computer...

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