31 December, 2007

get my away from here, i'm dying.

I know I mentioned before I followed the school of thought that looks upon hangovers as an interpretive dance, but after this weekend, I am seriously reconsidering my position on that.

Welcome to my world, at this exact moment. My existence (not to be overdramatic), is currently in shambles.

1.) My sister decided it would be a good idea to get engaged over Christmas. Though I don’t *completely* oppose the theory of marriage in general, however, marriage at 24 to some religious lunatic….well, yes….yes, that I have a *slight* problem that.


Plus, over Christmas?? I mean, how cliché can you get??? Damn. Why don’t they just set the wedding date for Valentine’s Day or some equally generic holiday? Pssshaw. People have no creativity anymore, and that is unfortunate.

2.) Plus, I lost my phone for the 3rd time in 2 months, and quite frankly I am just incredibly disturbed with myself. I mean, it is a little ridiculous. I’m beginning to think it’s a subconscious force inside of me that actually *wants* to lose my phone (I do hate talking on it). Just a theory, though.

3.) Eh, basically that’s it. Mr. Martini and I are working together to work past all of this, so don’t worry about me. We may have spent a little too much time together on Friday, because Saturday morning I thought I was actually going to die of a hangover, and death really didn’t seem like such a terrible option. But death never came, and instead I was forced to spend the entirety of Saturday on my balcony waiting for my head to stop aching and for the world to start making sense again. (I’m still waiting for that last part to happen.)

A silver lining has been that I found my Gameboy SP in a drawer while cleaning my living room, and it has been instrumental in the passing of the days.

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Rebekah said...

Thank God for the Gameboy. And spellcheck. hehe

Um, there's a silver lining, my dear. You are home in roughly 10 days. THAT'S pretty Sterling, baby.