26 October, 2007

#2 with a bullet.

AY Dios Mio!!! How the mighty have fallen!!! SHIT. I just found this picture on the net, and well, let's just say this marks the 2nd saddest day of my life, behind the death of my grandfather. Today I have realized that both Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino could be my grandfather. They are not a young Vito or Michael Corleone, no sir. Damn.

This is how I like my Al and Bobby:

Well, anyway. I apologize for the lack of updates. The Sox have been playing, and I've had work to do and what not. What can I say? Life beckoned me this week, and I had to follow it's lead...
Plus, I lost my wallet. More about that later! Give me the weekend...

1 comment:

Julia said...

oh jess.
i am soooooooooo sorry for all the shittyness.
God bless your grandpa and your finances.
of course, i am praying for you, love.